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hope is stronger

i am guessing that most people have seen the hunger games and that many have even read the books.  the books are intense, perhaps not the best work of literature ever, but they are entertaining.  i have to admit that i finished reading the series extremely quickly and it left me thinking about many things; government dominion, oppression, submission, revolution, all those types of thoughts ran around my head for a bit (honestly, maybe a couple hours).  but, really the scene that has stuck with me and the words that have continued to run through my head are from the scene with president snow and the game master (can’t remember his name).  president snow is angered that the game master  has allowed katniss to show so much independence and almost flagrant disregard for the games.  he states to the game maker that

“hope is the only emotion stronger than fear.”

i have to admit that each day here in haiti and many times in my life in the states, especially at work in the metro hospital where i work, i see situations that are so broken, relationships, situations and circumstances can seem beyond repair.  sometimes things seem hopeless.

recently, i have been walking through some very heavy times with friends as they are leaving the organization where i used to work here in haiti.  that is a situation full of broken people, broken lives and many broken hearts.  hope can be hard to find in the midst of grief and pain.

today driving i was looking at the shacks that provide some form of housing for so many people and just thought about how hopeless their lives must feel.

sometimes honestly, things just seem like too much here.  haiti is a hard place.  what do i tell a new mom who tells me she hasn’t eaten in a couple days?  what do i do as i listen to stories of broken relationships?

i have to know and believe that hope is stronger than fear!

i have been reading and re-reading this verse recently.  “now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that you will abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” Romans 15:13

i am not sure about you, but i see and know many times fear can be overwhelming.

sometimes life and issues, problems, brokenness, sin, helplessness, pain (really the list goes on and on) can become overwhelming.  but the truth is, hope is the stronger emotion.

this hope we have, it is not some cheer yourself up, pep talk, positive thinking hope.  it is from the God of HOPE.  He will cause us to abound in hope and that hope will allow joy and peace to reign in our hearts.

this is one of our moms in our child development program.  she had her first baby later in life, she is educated, she is a teacher.  a few weeks ago after we had a really great interactive class, she told me, “i love this time of learning, because every week after we have class here, i go home and have class with my neighbors.”  she is a woman filled with hope.

 let us invest our lives in hope.

it is stronger.

it is true.

(photo by beth mchoul)


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