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desperate times. . .

desperate times, call for desperate measures.

like polka dot rubber boots.

okay, so my boots are not really that serious, but i did bring them with me here because sometimes the road in the front of the maternity center gets seriously flooded and if i want to go anywhere then i have to walk through some serious mud.  i wore them today to walk around the block to the women’s center.  i help design jewelry on mon, wed, and friday.  we only had one lady show up due to the rain and mud.

in all seriousness the rain and mud is destructive here in haiti.  i have never loved the rainy season because of that.  of course the trees turn the most beautiful shades of green and the dust is contained for a while as it becomes mud; but, i lay in bed at night thinking about those who live in little shanty houses or tents and wonder how they sleep and know they probably hardly sleep at all as the rain pours down night after night, leaking through the cracks in their house, flowing across their dirt floors.

the last few days here in port-au-prince have been tense in the streets.  there was a police-man killed due to some sketchy situation and so on monday all the traffic police went on strike and other civilians stood in solidarity with them and put up road blocks and burning tires.

yesterday, it just rained.  i was so surprised and honored that so many of our program women braved the mud and come with their babies for the lesson and follow-up appointments.

today. . . the rain has been on and off, but there have been more road blocks.  people are desperate. they are tired of the flooding, tired of the lack of roads.  i can’t blame them.  surely someone will listen.

i took a friend to the small domestic airport this morning, it was 6:30 in the morning.  people were out everywhere, children going to school, people on their way to work, street vendors shoveling piles and piles of mud from their little areas on the street.  when we got to the airport there was a fire truck trying to spray and clear the trash and debris that had obviously accumulated overnight with the rain and blocked the entrance.  YUCK!

as i drove slowly home through traffic this morning, i kept wondering if i would do it?  would i clean my space on the street through the mud and muck?  or would i just chalk today up as a day that was ruined by the rain.  i honestly think i would say, “oh, i will try again tomorrow, maybe there will be less mud.”  but that is not the haitian spirit, the persist, they are determined, even in desperate times.


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fun house pictures. . .

i have a cute little apartment where i stay here in haiti.

it is great because it is basically above our birthing center.  which proves to be pretty useful when you have women come to deliver and they aren’t here for more than 5-10 minutes and out comes the baby.  i am glad to be so close in those situations.

i have been remodeling and thought i would share some pictures.  mostly for my friend jordanne who had to deal with the craziness of me shopping, running around getting things for my home here.  even the morning of me coming here to haiti, she was helpful getting my bags and me to the airport.  i am definitely blessed by great friends.

if you can’t tell – i LIKE bright colors.

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my friend courtney pierce is here to visit.


she brought me some fun food.

i am sure we will work in some monopoly deal.

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meet strength. . .

this is andrelie.

she is STRONG.

she came in early this morning in labor.

she said, i feel something coming out and i am not sure what it is!

i was pretty sure i knew what it was and i put my gloves on really quickly.

sure enough, about 8 minutes later she delivered a screaming baby boy.

the name of the little guy is still to be determined.  but he is extremely cute!

after the delivery, she said to her friends, “glad that i didn’t wait any longer!”

i guess her friends had thought she should wait for morning.

 i am really glad she didn’t wait either.

i am glad she was so strong.

pushed like a champ.

and had a beautiful boy!

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blessed. . .

i have been here in haiti for 2 weeks now and have just been feeling extremely blessed.

here are some of the reasons. . .

i love what i do.
i love to teach.
i love the people i work with.
i have food to eat.
i have water to drink.
i have a house.
i have coffee every morning.

i realize those are things many times i take for granted, but then are times when i am reminded again how amazing those blessings are and i am thankful.

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