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transitions. . .

today is my last day here in port-au-prince.

tomorrow i fly back to kansas city.

today, tomorrow and friday will be days of transitions. . .

transitions from beautiful warm weather and sun every day, to possibly cold weather, rain, sleet, snow or ice.

transitions from limited options to almost unlimited options.  i won’t go to target for a couple days.

transitions from bouncing around in a car because the roads are so rough to smooth sailing in my jetta.

transitions from a birth center to a high risk labor and delivery hospital unit in the heart of kansas city.

transitions from my friends here to my friends in kansas city.

transitions from one life to another.

please pray for me as i make the switch.


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color. . .

i love color.

i love bright color.

the sky lights in my ceiling got cleaned and there

is awesome light streaming in my house.

i have painted my room a beautiful blue.

now everything feels bright and cheery!

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Lense. . .

This little guy (or big guy!!) is headed home with his soft spoken mother.

Lense was born on Monday.

He is one of the chubbiest cutest babies I have seen recently.

His mom just walked out of the door being sure to thank everyone who cared for her.

My niece and nephews prayed for this mom in labor.

How cute for them to ask about him when we were skyping today.

My niece in Indiana, me here in Haiti.

Thanks for praying Calianna.

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big baby!

these are the faces that you make when you are getting ready to have a 9 pound baby!

carol delivered an almost 9 pound baby at 40 years old.

it was her first baby.

i am proud of her!

she was not as happy as we were in these pictures while she was laboring!

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Do you want the Victory??

Sometimes, I have a subject put on my heart and I think it is interesting how so many things are making me think about said topic, yet I ignore it. Tonight is one of those nights. I have felt like I have needed to write this post for a while. But I keep putting it off or something else comes up in life and it just doesn’t get done.
Tonight I didn’t want to write this, I wanted to head to my bed, curl up with my book and read for a little bit, (what really happens is that I read for a couple hours and then totally regret that decision the next morning!!) Anyway. . . I was procrastinating further instead of writing this post by looking on Pinterest, (talk about a time-consumer!) One of the first pins that I saw was this verse,
Do not fear, for I am with you. Isaiah 41:10
So with that very clear reminder of this topic I knew I needed to get this written. So here goes this post, perhaps at the end, you will think that I should have gone to bed rather than written this, since I have had a long couple last days and may be a bit tired, but truly I am burdened by this thought.

Fear controls so much of our lives!

I have been paying attention to this over the last couple weeks because one of the women who works here asked a mom in a prenatal visit, “Are you afraid?” That mom said yes, and a great conversation ensued addressing her fears. Another new mom a few days later was very concerned about her baby, she is an older first time mom and every little thing seems to scare her. Tara again asked. “Are you afraid?” That mother also said yes and then once that fear was placed on the table, we were able to answer questions, address it and deal with it!
Fear manifests itself in so many different ways and situations, but we each have things, situations, people, circumstances, experiences, that we fear.
For some it may be,
a new job,
a lost job,
an illness,
a circumstance,
a co-worked,
someone else’s opinion,
someone else’s actions,
someone else’s ideas. (As we all know, this list could go on and on!!)
Fear has not been something that has had alot of ground in my life and I have to say that there was a season of my life where fear dominated me! I hated it, I knew it was wrong, but I felt so controlled by it. It almost paralyzed me in my thinking. It was a season of my life after the earthquake.  See this post to understand some of my thought processes. https://melissainhaiti.wordpress.com/2010/05/26/fear-versus-faith/
This is where this post is going to get a bit funny and it may make you laugh, I hope it does, but so much more than that, I hope it encourages your heart.
So, there are some work-out videos that were left here at my apartment by the woman who lived here before. The other night I thought I should try one out, so I tried, Billy’s Boot Camp – ROCK SOLID ABS! I could hardly move for the next couple days and knew that the only way I would feel better would be if I would do the video again. So I did, I went for a jog last Friday morning and then did the video again. It is one of those super cheesy work out videos. One of the main songs that plays throughout the video says, “Do you want the victory? Do you want the victory?” I know, kinda cheesy, right?
How does that fit with fear and what I am talking about?

That song played through my head this whole last weekend as I sat through and tried to help another missionary family sort through a really serious health problem. That song plays in my head when I think about things that discourage me. Really, ever since I did that video on Friday, that song has been significant to me. Why? Because the only way we will have the victory in this life is to believe the fact that perfect love casts out fear!

Do not fear, for I am with you;
Do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you, surely I will help you,
Surely, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand. Isaiah 41:10

I think so many times we miss out on true victory in this life because we allow fear to dominate our thinking!

We look anxiously about,
we try to rely on our own strength.

We forget we have a Father who loves us and says He will uphold us.

The question is, Do you want the VICTORY? Do you want to not only live eternally victorious, but also live victoriously today?

Then believe that we do not have to fear,

The GREAT I AM is with us.

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a great saturday. . .

all my mornings start with this french press and  a bit of haitian coffee.

this morning i was motivated to do some cleaning.

so away i swept, and swept and dusted and dusted.  really, you can never get ahead of the dust here.  seriously, i dusted and 10 minutes later there was dust on the surface i just dusted.

i am organizing and rearranging and just really making my house feel like home.  i put my bed diagonal in my room and i am now at peace.

these oranges don’t look too pretty, but they make wonderful juice.

you just have to add a little sugar!

i had made an egg casserole last night anticipating a full, yet relaxing saturday morning.

cherline, one of the women who works here, generously hung all my laundry on the line for me.

i just enjoyed my brunch/okay lunch of egg casserole and fresh juice.  on to cleaning the floors!

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new jewelry

helping the women in the jewelry program here at heartline is truly something i love.

i love it because. . .

it is colorful.

it is peaceful.

it is life-giving.

these are some of their newest designs.

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