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the reason that i have not posted much recently is exactly that – 12 hour shifts. i have been working lots. although this is good for my paycheck. . . it is bad for my creative writing juices. just in case you were wondering.


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yesterday was my thirtieth birthday.  not just mine, but also my friend and roommates.  we have been roommates for a few years and friends for longer.  sharing a birthday is fun for sure.

i was back in the states for sure to specifically ring in our thirtieth year of life.  it was fun to see friends and be with my parents.  thanks to all those who made that day special.

i might be a bit worried about us turning thirty

or maybe i am surprised. . .

or jordanne just thinks i am ridiculous!

we had some mexican, some songs and. . .

some ice cream!!!!!

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Guertha. . .

this morning started early with a phone call from beth (one of the full-time staff here at heartline).  she excitedly told me that guertha (one of our overdue moms) was on the way and was in labor.  beth was so excited and i was barely even conscious because i don’t always wake up well while talking on the phone.  an hour or so later Guertha arrived, cool, calm, and contracting.  the pretty much stayed that way through labor and delivered a beautiful baby girl.  she was honestly a model patient and i was privileged to welcome her precious little girl into the world.  i will tell a bit more of her story later. . .

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extra pages. . .

so i didn’t know that you couldn’t stamp the last few pages of your passport (the ones without a grid that say for special endorsements or something like that). coming into haiti the official passport stamper guy got more and more frustrated as he flipped through my pages of my passport and couldn’t find anywhere to stamp. i got a little lecture and he stamped the top of one of the pages. he told me that it is was a serious problem. i realized then that i would need to do something about that problem if i did not want to get yelled at coming back into the US.
than that problem completely evaporated from my brain until this last weekend when i remembered my little lecture and the need for more passport pages. so first thing monday morning i began to try to call the united states embassy about getting extra pages. (who knew you should do that?? not me!) it only took about 15 phone calls and telling the guy NOT to transfer me as soon as he heard passport because wherever he was transferring me they were not picking up the phone.
so i did finally get through and made an appointment for 8 this morning. or so i thought. . . they said my name wasn’t on the list for an appointment this morning when we showed up. i politely told the guard that i had made an appointment and i had to be seen. i thought i would start with polite and move up the scale to demanding if need be!!
he transferred me on the phone to american services where i once again explained that i had made an appointment and needed more pages in my passport. they asked if it was an emergency? i guess i really didn’t know, i told them that i was leaving monday and i have no more spaces to stamp and they said, oh for sure come through then.
a few security lines later and $82 paid and i have extra passport pages and i will be able to get back into the united states on monday and i won’t get lectured!

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perfect love casts out fear.  1 john 4:18

this last week for prenatal class, i taught about active labor; what the signs were, what to do during that stage and how to relax and hopefully have a normal, healthy labor.  the ladies in class did a great job paying attention and i truly enjoyed teaching about this subject that is really important for any country, but especially important for a place where there are really no other options other than to be tough and get through labor!  women having information so that they are able to learn some relaxation techniques and be given the opportunity to voice their questions and fears gives them strength as they enter the labor process.

fear was a pretty big topic i covered.  i shared about how when you are afraid, your body gets tense and you experience pain differently.  i read from a book some of the reasons you as a mother giving birth could be afraid.  reading from the book i felt gave these women validity that they are not the only ones who face such fears, but that there are actually parts of books written about these things.  those fears could be –

* the physical pain of labor is frightening

* this is your first baby

* the mother’s last baby was born dead, or died later

* the mother does not want this child

* the mother has no husband, partner or family to help her

* there are family problems

* the mother was abused

these are all very serious realities here.  as i looked across the crowd of women i was teaching, many of them had tears in their eyes after i talked about that list of fears.  i don’t know specifically which thing applied to which woman, but i hope we have begun a dialogue that will continue and give women a safe place to share their fears.

it has been proven that women with labor support do better than those who labor alone.  the staff here at heartline truly love these women and will be there for them through their labors.  i think a little bit of that love with help cast out their fears.

fear is a powerful emotion that i understand more after i experienced a rough season in my life.  read this previous post for the history –   https://melissainhaiti.wordpress.com/2010/05/26/fear-versus-faith/

even as i re-read that blog about fear, i realize what an awesome God we serve and how much His perfect love has cast some serious fears out of my life.  i pray for these women in the program here at heartline that His love will also cover them and help them to walk without fear through their lives.



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friday and saturday i got to spend time with my very good friends, jessica and brandon stone.  they were here to run some errands in port-au-prince and so i was blessed get some time with them.
someone asked us how long we had known each other when i was introducing them to people here and when jessica said only a year and a half i was so surprised because to me it feels like we have been friends for much longer than that!

after hanging out with them all weekend i was starting to feel a bit short, so i stood on a bench for one of the pictures so that i would feel a bit more their height!

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widline made this necklace

mauzeline made these hoop earrings by covering plastic rings from bottles with fabric

(you can see the original plane plastic rings behind)

lots of bracelets were made today!

widline – probably had the highest productivity so far this week

she is working hard to support her three year old son

probably my favorite bracelets from the day


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