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this morning driving to work i wondered why i don’t get up a bit earlier every day to see the sunrise. okay we all know that i would have to get up ALOT earlier on most days to see the sunrise, me just not being a morning person in any way!! but when forced to be at work at 6:45 in the morning i am up early.

so this morning as i drove the sun was just a hint of pink as it rose in the sky and broke out between the clouds. the city skyline was outlined by a light pink haze and i was in awe. a bit in awe of a God who every morning makes the sunrise a bit different, just a little unique, just a little brightness in our day. i was grateful to be up early this morning.


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reading. . .

i realized late last night why perhaps reading is not always a good past-time for me.  it was probably about 11:30 or so which for lots of nights would not be a problem, but for me i would be getting up somewhere around 5:30, so perhaps it was a bit late!  but i had just gotten absorbed in my book, or i mean books.  really i enjoy to read more than one book at a time, to have a few genres going at the same time.

currently i am reading –

my utmost for His highest.  (a gift from a dear friend, with nightly readings)

the $64 tomato. (a recommendation from my mom and hilarious to boot!!)

and baking cakes in kigali. (a great book about having hope even in extremely difficult times)

i do truly love to read, to immerse yourself in another’s story.  to imagine.

i wonder how often we forget to do that in our daily life.  not forget to read, but forget to immerse ourselves in another’s story.

today at work i was checking in a patient and she just was going on and on about her life situation and i realized, what a story she had to tell.  she teared up a bit and was a very nervous new mom.  i would probably love to read her story if it was a best-seller, but how often do i forget to listen to those who have a story to tell around me.

was that not what Jesus would have done.  he would have immersed himself over and over again in others stories.  he would have imagined a life different than the one many where living.  He does that for us over and over, He listens, He imagines and He makes our stories full of hope and joy.

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memories. . .

memories are what are invoked as i pack up my house. yes, i am moving. i have moved every year since i have lived in kansas city. i have gotten to know different areas of the city that way (at least that is a positive perspective i try to keep!)

the logical thing would be that you would ask where i am moving to and most people would know where they are moving before they make the commitment to move, but in this household we don’t exactly work like that!

one of my roommates has moved to nebraska to get married, my other roommate is in the process of buying a house and we are waiting on the final paperwork to know where we are living. all that sounds perfectly normal, except that we have to be out of our house here by the end of may. so. . . if the house deal doesn’t go through who knows where we are going to be living. i am actually pretty calm about this situation, but ask me again in a couple weeks and see how i am feeling then!

anyway, i am packing on some of my days off. today i took pictures off the walls in my room. two of those pictures are old window frames with the interior frames filled with pictures of friends and family. their smiling faces reminding me of so many happy and full times of my life, weddings, births, just fun times!

strong memories invoked are also of my time in haiti as i put pictures and seashells and gifts i have been given in boxes. a huge part of my heart is attached to those pictures, the people in them, people that i love and miss with all my heart.

basically as i have packed those things on my walls, i realized that is what the wall of my heart looks like. it is a tapestry of different people and places where i have loved and been loved. i feel so blessed to care and be cared for so deeply.

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