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hope. . .

From the depths of my disaster I appeal to you, Eternal one:

Lord hear my cry!

Tune your ears

To this distress-signal-prayer!

If you, Eternal one, made people bear the full weight of their sins, O Lord who on earth would not collapse?

But with you – deepest mystery- forgiveness exists,

that from new beginnings, true worship of you might flow.

So I wait for the Eternal one – hope has gripped my soul – and I stake my future on His transforming word.

My heart longs for the Lord to break into my world – more than night watchman long for the break of day;

even more than night watchman long for the break of day.

O Israel, ground your hope in the Eternal one. (you are not forsaken),

for with the Eternal one lives the most stubborn compassion, and with Him comes the most profound redemption

And He will lift Israel up from all the depths to which they’ve sunk.  Psalm 130 (paraphrase I. Anderson)

I feel like I am waiting for Hope. . . 

I am waiting for HOPE in the Lord to return like a wrecking ball in my life.  

That hope will come and cast out fear!

That hope will come and remove doubt!

That hope will come and restore peace.

That hope will come and renew joy!

That hope is the Word.

That hope is truth.

That hope is Jesus.


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a harsh reality. . .

i am back in haiti and have to say that i am not always prepared in my heart for how hard life truly is here. last night i was in maternity just chatting with the nurses who are there and catching up on what has been going on in the last month or so.

there were two moms in labor and one started saying that she had to push, so in she went to the delivery room and very shortly delivered a screaming healthy baby! i heard someone say that the other mom was delivering and she was, she had delivered her baby right onto the floor. immediately i knew this baby was not okay, first off she was extremely small, but had some other anomalies. we got the cord cut and i took her into the delivery room, she was not hardly breathing and her heart rate was extremely slow. i did chest compressions and she took a few breaths. i thought she was not going to live for sure. i wrapped her up and took her to her mom so she could see her. then she started breathing more regular as i told her that i thought she was going to die. we put her on oxygen, but knew that she probably would not live very long. she lived for a few more hours last night.

this afternoon we had a baby brought that had been born at home or in the road and later the mom came in a wheel barrel. not exactly an ambulance in my mind, but i guess it got her here. it was her 8th baby and she was bleeding pretty seriously. i love watching our nurses work, they got IV’s started and examined her and in all reality, probably saved that woman’s life.

life and death here are just a bit harsher.

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