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True abundance

Life is full.

Full of people.

Full of pleasures.

Full of heartbreaks.

Full of treasures.

Full of love.

Be full in life.


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pondering. . .

if i tried to explain all the things that have gone in my heart over the last couple months i don’t know if it would make sense to anyone. yet i believe and know that my heart is not the only one that has these doubts, these questions, the only heart that wonders.

i question the hows and why’s of life. i think living this middle ground life where i go back and forth from one world of extreme poverty to another of relative affluence keeps me in a state of constant evaluation and re-evaluation of life. i question why there is a place like Haiti or any other poverty stricken country. why do children suffer for the poor decisions of their parents, community and really in the end their country. the children of haiti will suffer because of the greed of some in leadership in that country.

i doubt the goodness of a God who allows a preemie who was born at 2 pounds to live for 8 months only to die from a viral diarrhea. i wonder at the pain that mother would suffer going to bed alone after having her beautiful little boy next to her every night. she had nothing else in this world.

i wonder at the reality of so many people who make promises and statements and claim to have this world figured out, yet still lack love that shows anything related to Jesus.

in the end i realize that i don’t have to and can’t figure out this world, but have to be willing to entrust it and trust it to a God who laid the foundations of this world. that He has a plan, a purpose and an abundant life for those who are willing to look past the realities of pain and suffering that is all around. He has an abundant full life for those who are willing to look beyond themselves.

in the end i think we are all dealing with things in our hearts that don’t always make sense. but the joy and peace that can fill our lives comes from a God who calls out his faithfulness to us every morning in the warm sunshine. He sings of His love for us as he holds us through the darkest night. He speaks of his plan for us as he unfolds day by day his light and truth and calls us to walk in that. his providence is evident as He meets our needs every day.

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i am in the port-au-prince airport and heading back to kansas city. i am excited to spend time with friends and family, but it is always mixed emotion as i leave friends and family here in haiti.

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last full day. . .

today is my last full day here at the mission. i will head to port-au-prince tomorrow around noon and then be back in kansas city on thursday. your prayers are appreciated as i wrap up last minute details and say goodbye.

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maternity is full this morning. we had five babies born yesterday and we have four little ones staying with us until they gain a little bit of weight since they are all under four pounds.

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triplets. . .

this afternoon we delivered our first set of triplets. the first one came in the road after the mom spent the day with a local matron (women who help with deliveries) and the next two came feet first. the middle one died and the third is on oxygen and in the incubator. i am so grateful they all delivered!

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loss. . .

please pray for families here who are losing loved ones to illnesses. we had a staff member die yesterday, a granmoun die yesterday and we lost a 14 month old child who came to clinic this morning.

please pray that the God of comfort will come and be that for all these families.

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