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busy days. . .

thanks so much for your prayers for me. without them i know that the last few weeks would have been tougher than they were. there have been many busy days between when i arrived just a few weeks ago until now. but they really have been good days.

the surgical team arrived and truly did hit the ground running and we kept running. the team was great and they are always such a blessing and encouragement to have here. we kept a few patients a little more long term and i sent a few home over the last few days and we only have two guys left. i had some great nurses over the last few weeks who have helped tons in recovery! thanks so much guys!

days like today are busy and make me ready for bed by 8:30!! i saw lots of post-op patients this morning and then helped see pediatric patients, we have had so many sick little kids. there is some really bad virus going around that is making lots of people sore, sick and dehydrated, especially kids! we had a little preemie born just over a pound that lived for a few hours. it was sad because his mom already had lost two little ones.

if you could pray for a little one that i saw today, he is probably 18 months or so and fell face first into hot oil. at least his eyes are not burned, but his lower face is horrible. burns here in haiti are horrible, but the face is especially bad and it was really too bad for us to take care of him here. we sent him to the closest hospital that has a good pediatrician and i pray that he gets good care. we gave the family money to take him, without that there would have been no way they could have afforded to go to the hospital. rough reality!

please continue to keep this place and the work we are doing in your prayers. especially our medical staff. they see and face such difficult situations every day and yet have smiles on their faces.


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burns. . .

i hate burns here in haiti. i have a little one who is three years old who has been here this week because she burned her leg really bad when hot water spilled on her.

i just think that if she goes home that it won’t stay clean and then she could lose her range of motion in her leg and i really don’t want that for her. so i am changing her dressing a couple times a day. i just hope for no infection and good healing. her little eyes were so sad tonight when her mom brought her for me to change her dressing, it almost made me cry.

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The last couple weeks have been extremely full. If there were a way that I could share with you each story or situation I would. My mom told me once that I need to get a transcriber so that I could just tell the stories and then I wouldn’t have to write and perhaps I would be a bit more productive with getting stories on my blog. Not sure about that idea either, (I am not extremely good with technological devices!) but it would probably be a bit more effective. I apologize for the absence. Things are good here, challenging to say that least, but good.

I will share a couple stories with you. They are stories that are heavy on my heart. Dr. Del is an orthopedic surgeon who comes with our surgical teams. He is very brave and extremely talented. He has began to have a very good reputation after coming a couple times a year for the past 6-7 years. People love him. Watching some of his patients just come back and give him a hug to say thank you brings tears to my eyes every single time I see it. Some operations he performs save lives, some help people walk, or move their arms or other limbs. I think some of the most difficult cases that I watch him try to sort through are those that have cancer. It seems that he sees many patients with bone cancer. Cancer is something you think about older people having, but the typical age for this type of cancer is 15-22 year olds and unfortunately it seems we see 2-3 cases every trip.

Many times I help Dr. Del and our interpreters talk with patients as they sort through the diagnosis of cancer and the fact that in this country there is absolutely no treatment such as chemotherapy or radiation and their lives are probably going to be rather limited.

This last group we had two young men age 15 and 21 come with extremely aggressive bone cancer. They both had such beautiful smiles. They both had a hope for a future life. I talked with both of them many times about their options. Explaining that not amputating their legs would probably result in extremely severe pain as the cancer just continued to grow. I have seen masses double in size in just a couple months. Both of these boys chose to have their legs amputated. I can’t help but wonder if that was the right decision or if it wasn’t. They probably both have serious metastasized cancer already.

Both of them left these gates having been shown the love of Christ in ways that I can’t even explain as I watched the surgical team encourage and love on them in ways that can only happen because you care with the compassion of Christ.

Thanks so much to all those on the team who were willing to be here and care for these two guys.

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surgical team. . .

the surgical team is here, today i asked someone if it really was thursday? i can’t believe how fast the time has flown, things are going great with the team. the only issue is that there seem to be a few virus’ going around that are knocking a few people out pretty good. not fun!!

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i arrived here in haiti yesterday safe and sound. a little tired from not alot of sleep the night before in miami, but i caught up on that last night with a wonderful night of sleep!! it is good to be back.

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