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different. . .

this evening i thought it would be a great idea to take our little dog annie for a walk. so we started off in our cute little area of town. not problems at first until she decided that she would go no further away from home. she dug her little back legs into the concrete and refused to budge unless i went the direction of home. so i went home! of course i could have carried her, i think she only weighs 6 pounds. but who really needs all that exercise??
the whole experience made me laugh because it was so different from my usual frustrating situations of haiti.


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i have made it safely back to kansas city. i arrived home late last night after an extremely uneventful day of traveling. i just enjoyed a great greek salad with extra feta cheese.

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for my mom. . .

100_0417this is for my mom.  these are my sewing hope ladies.  they have come every week for our meetings and they get a blanket packet.  these women spent time with my mom while she was here in april working on some quilting ideas.  i told them i would send her a picture.  these women make me smile on days when i really need it.

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transitions. . .

today i am working on getting some things wrapped up for this week as i will be heading back to kansas city on monday. seems strange that in such a short time i will be able to have ice cream and taco bell.

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accident. . .

over the weekend we had a young girl, (about 15 years old) brought into our ER.  she had been hit on the side of the road by one of the moped taxi’s that run up and down the street.  she had hit her head when she fell.  the driver of the taxi ran off leaving her there with a crowd.  a man in the crowd picked her up and took her to a clinic here in st. louis.  she was completely unconscious, throwing up and bleeding out of her ear.  he was told at the first where he took her that they couldn’t take care of her.  so he then brought her here.  no one who brought her knew who she was.  we were able to examine her, start an IV and clean her up.  i feel helpless in those situations.

a local pastor knew who she was and eventually we got her family here and they rented a truck to take her to the hospital.  a couple guys carried her out of our ER and put her in the back of a truck.  

as they pulled out of the gate i was struck with the contrasts of this place compared to the united states.  had that happened in the united states someone would have called an ambulance, she would have been immediately put on a back board and stabilized and taken to a hospital for treatment.  

i am not sure what has happened with her even after going to the hospital, but that experience has stood out to me as an example of the injustice in this world.  it also stood out to me about how to care for someone else, for the bystander who was willing to take a complete stranger from place to place trying to get her help, i couldn’t help but think of the good samaritan.

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neighbor. . .

the last few weeks i have been doing pediatric clinic every day because one of our physicians is on vacation.  i really enjoy consulting, but it can also be very challenging.  mostly because then i am seeing and trying to deal with many things that are beyond my ability to help.  

we have had many children whose blood levels are extremely low due to parasites and also just malnutrition, we have children come who have disabilities and perhaps the family is just looking for some sense of hope that their child could get better all the while knowing there really is nothing that can be done.  one father brought his little girl who had hydrocephalus.  he obviously doted on her like there was nothing even wrong with her.

a few days ago a young girl, probably in her late teens came with a little baby and a couple other women.  as the story unfolded she shared that this baby wasn’t eating very well and cried all the time.  i continued to ask questions and found out this young woman was this families neighbor, the other two women, one was much older were the grandma and mother.  one look at the mother and it was clear why this neighbor was involved.  the mother didn’t have a sense of herself at all.  the neighbor said that she had to hold the baby up to the breast for her to be able to breastfeed.  the baby was probably crying all the time because they were also giving her other things to drink, teas and juice.  

this neighbor really did care about this little one.  it made me think of the verse, “for the whole law is fulfilled in one word, in the statement, you shall love your neighbor as yourself.” galations 5:14

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life. . .

this morning at staff devo’s we sang happy birthday to one of our staff members and everyone was so excited for their birthday.

it made me think about how much life is appreciated here, just the fact that you continue to have life here is such a blessing. really it is true no matter where we are, i think sometimes we just forget how precious it is.

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