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staff meeting. . .

today we had a 2 1/2 hour nurses staff meeting. wow. those kinds of meetings are really good, but i always leave with a bit of a dull headache and feel like i can’ t really understand creole or english!


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hmmmmmm. . .

i have to say i don’t really like it when i am not sure if what i saw out of the corner of my eye was a rat or a dog? i am going with it having been a dog (although i know better!)

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hungry. . .

this morning around 11 i got really hungry. i do that sometimes when i don’t eat enough protein in the morning. so i ran upstairs and got some bread and peanut better for a little snack so i would stop shaking.
i had been helping consult pediatric patients all morning. some of them so anemic their blood levels were half what they should be. i thought about the fact that some of that is because they have parasites and then some of it is because their families just can’t feed them. i thought about how hungry i felt and how so many of them probably feel hungry and worn out all the time. just a thought. a hard thing to think about, but a very harsh reality here.

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preemie update. . .

100_0408this little guy is one of the preemies that was born this spring.  this is marcus.  his mom brings him every week to get formula to supplement her breastfeeding.  it was great to see his chubby little face.  standly another little guy who was born this spring is also doing great.

guelson, was another little one, who was born about 2 lbs 13 oz.  he went home in may over 4 pounds.  his mom went to get him out of bed one day and found that he wasn’t breathing.  it sounds from the stories like SIDS.  his grandma comes from time to time and shares about how his mom still cries and cries because she lost him.

lise lincy was one of our stronger preemies this spring (or so i thought).  she developed severe jaundice and died after we sent her to the hospital.  her mother had loved her so much and had really wanted a little girl.  i see her mom almost every day because she brings her 3 year old son to our feeding program for special needs children.  although i smile and laugh with her often, i know her heart aches for her loss of her precious little one.

the bottom picture is the little one that didn’t want to breath at first after he was born (i wrote about that in a previous blog).  he is still pretty little, so his mom is staying here until he starts gaining weight better.


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some of you may have been following the story of stacie, the little one with hydrocephalus. she has been in port-au-prince for a few weeks and still hasn’t had surgery. at first it was because the hospital staff were on strike because they weren’t getting paid and then she got a cold and the surgeon is wanting her to be completely healthy. so she is supposed to have surgery tomorrow (monday). i really hope it is able to happen and safely at that.

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glory. . .

i know that i complicate life. we were created in God’s image and are supposed to live for His glory.

i have been thinking about this concept over the last few weeks. every morning after i have gotten up and ready and i am heading to breakfast (or more likely i am heading to get my coffee and try to wake up!) i walk down the hallway where the disabled children in our miriam center are all setting in the wheelchairs. most of them have just had a bath and they are full of smiles and laughter. they each have different ways they respond to a greeting or even to touch. the last few mornings as i have walked this line of children all unique in their own ways, i have thought about how much glory they give God just by their laughter and smile.

i wonder how much glory i give Him. and hope that i keep it simple.

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just barely. . .

today we worked and worked with a mom who had been complete for a long time, she was so close to delivering, but had also had an extremely prolonged labor making us think that she probably had something wrong or unusual.

so finally at two this afternoon we referred her to the hospital so she could have a c-section. she made it to outside the gate and then went to both knees and her family i am told came running back in saying the baby was coming. i had left maternity at the time thinking she was on her way to the hospital. sylveste (our head nurse) got her back into maternity and she delivered. what a huge blessing for that family. a transfer here from this delivery room to an OR is much different from at home where we just wheel them down the hall, here they have to find the money, find a truck, travel to the hospital, go buy everything they need from the pharmacy, as you can guess the family was extremely relieved she delivered. so was i.

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