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so after enjoying a calm weekend, sunday night i was sitting in maternity with the nurses when we had a pregnant mom come and check in and within the next hour or so, we had five moms come. that is a little more like what it usually is around here. and then to even make me feel a bit more at home i got a knock on my door at about 4 in the morning.

one of the moms that delivered had a retained placenta and it was extremely difficult to remove it. i really thought we were going to have to send her to the hospital and at four or so in the morning an hours truck ride to the hospital is not a good idea.

i went back to bed and then around 7 or so they were wanting for me to come help with another mom who was seizing.

okay, welcome back.

both moms are doing fine tonight and that helps me remember why it matters that this place is here. . .


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settling in. . .

the last couple days here have been good. things have been calm from a medical perspective and that has been a bit different, but nice that there wasn’t any immediate craziness. saturday morning one of the nurses did call me because she was doing a delivery for a mom who was maybe 8 months along. she said jokingly that since i had returned we would have a bunch of preemies again and we were both a little concerned about how little this one was going to be. but when she came she was four pounds and pink! i was grateful.

those of you who know how i am when i am here know that i don’t really like unpacking my suitcases, so even though i have had some down time i haven’t gotten unpacked. so tomorrow that will need to happen so i can feel settled in. thanks so much for all of you who helped me get supplies to bring.

although i may not be completely settled in, a friend here picked flowers from our garden and put them in my room. i am so thankful for the beautiful things in this world.

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smooth sailing. . .

i had a great trip into haiti. i arrived here at the mission yesterday around 2. that is an almost unheard of time for me with my regular traveling craziness. i am grateful for your prayers.

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learning. . .

this week and next i am completing and intense international medicine course. basically it is class from 8-5 everyday. i am truly learning alot, but also think the more i learn the more i realize i don’t know. at least we have a lifetime to learn. . .

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