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tired. . .

i realize it is only 8 pm, but the surgical team is here and the last couple days have been full. so i am heading to bed!! not sure if it is something we ate or not, but a few of us, including becca (one of our full time nurses) are not feeling too well. prayers are greatly appreciated.


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this little one loveni has completely stolen my heart with her little smile and laugh and questions. she and her brother spent a couple days here getting treatment, i will share her story later, but thought i would share this picture.

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tuesday morning we set out for beauchamp. one of our outlying campus’. i was going just to get away for a day or so and get a bit of rest before our major surgical team.
the three hour truck ride there and back has made it rather tender for me to sit down. during the truck ride home, the spot where i was sitting pinched when we hit a bump and now my derriere is a bit bruised!
although i may be bruised and sore i got a great nap and a great nights sleep, so it was well worth it!
i was telling our staff here about getting pinched on the truck and their advise was that i should wear tight pants while traveling so that there was no way for the truck to pinch you. yeah, that sounds comfortable!!

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i am still here in haiti and doing good.

my parents and a good friend just spent a week here and it was great. things have been full. but good.

we have another preemie, this little one came and was a twin, he weighed 2 lbs 14 oz at birth and a couple days ago weighed 2 lbs 5oz. i am very GRATEFUL to have our new incubators here from FAME. hopefully he keeps eating well and starts growing!

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