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standly, one of our preemies came back today for a check up and to be weighed and he weighed in at 4 lbs 1 oz. glad to see him gaining!


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another loss. . .

this morning on my way through the birthing center, we had a mom who was pushing, she had been complete for a long time and this was her third baby. she should have delivered a long time ago. i checked and felt that the babies head was not normal. it felt hydrocephalic (enlarged due to an abnormal collection of water on the brain). finally the mom delivered and the baby was not breathing. her heart rate was very low and then gone.

this mom has lost her little girl. i cleaned this little one off to present her to her mom and as i held her baby for her to see, tears formed in her eyes and threatened to spill over. the haitian nurses were telling her what a blessing that she didn’t have to have a c-section, what a blessing that she had been able to deliver vaginally, because she should have needed a c-section, how God had delivered her. what a different perspective from what my heart was saying.

i also had tears in my eyes, it is hard to watch baby after baby die, problem after problem, sick child after sick child.

i pray for this moms heart as she deals with this loss.

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relaxing afternoon. . .

a good book (ragamuffin gospel),
good music (worship music compiled by my friend jordanne),
warm sun,
an amazingly comfortable hammock,
a cup of ice with raspberry lemonade mix sprinkled on top,
time without interruptions = a wonderful relaxing afternoon!

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orphans. . .

sometime last week, our director was asked by government officials if he could help house and care for some orphans. apparently an orphanage in another area of haiti has been closed by the UN and the government of haiti. we don’t know all the details as to why, but 63 children needed a new home, and janeil has agreed to take them all in. they will be going to our recently vacated orphanage in port-au-paix and we will see from there.

these children need your prayers. we don’t know what they have gone through, or if they are sick, or anything really, but we know that tuesday we will have 63 new orphans. pray for them as they make this kind of huge transition. pray for all the details that have to happen in this next week to be ready to care for them. pray for wisdom for our staff, haitian and american.

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just when i thought i was going to bed last night, or at least i had made some hot tea and was going to go read in my bed for a while. i am really enjoying the book i am reading “the secret life of bees” (just in case anyone was wondering). anyway, just as i was gearing up for a quiet night i was called to maternity.

there was a mom and she had a prolapsed umbilical cord. that is a life-threatening emergency for the baby because as the baby comes the pressure of the head cuts off the blood flowing through the umbilical cord because the umbilical cord is coming first. not a good situation even at home when you can be in an OR and doing a c-section fast. but here in haiti when we are an hour away from a hospital it is another story.

the nurses had checked the mom and they were worried to do much else, so was i! but i knew that i had to know more information, how close was she to delivering, so i checked and got a handful of umbilical cord.

our security guard was trying to call the local ambulance, but kept getting the wrong number. . .

the moms contractions kept coming closer and closer. i kept trying to keep pressure off the cord. i could feel the head descending and knew there was really no time for this mom to get an ambulance. we encouraged her to push and push she did. she delivered a big baby boy who was covered in meconium and pretty stressed, but after some suctioning and a bit of stimulation, he cried and was fine. i checked on them this morning and both mom and baby were fine. as they say here – mesi Jezi! thank you Jesus!

then i went back to reading my book and now cold tea. it tastes just as good cold!

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this is alynn.  she is one of the little ones we are treating for malnutrition.

she has one of the sweetest little voices, she had just had a bath tonight and looks like as we say here a “ti madammoiselle” (i am sure i didn’t spell that right, but basically a little lady!)

another little guy we have had staying here for the last few days with a pretty serious infection had to go to the hospital because we really aren’t sure what is going on with him.  i always hate sending people to the hospital, because i don’t always feel like they get good care, so please be praying for little don. (he has a really long name and they just call him don, so we will stick with that!)

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here is a short list of things that we really need –

anti-fungal cream

hydrocortisone cream

children and infants ibuprofen

vitamins (adult, children’s)

polyvisol iron drops

even if you just get one of these things, vitamins or iron drops for kids can really mean the difference between being healthy or malnourished.  contact me and i can get you info about how to get this items in bags heading to haiti!

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