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change of plans. . .

this last saturday i was supposed to have left for haiti. 

those plans changed when i realized that while i was gone a certification at work would expire and there would be no way for me to easily complete that after i returned in may.  it may have effected me being able to work when i got home, so i began to look into how to complete it.  i am taking the class this week and then will leave for haiti on friday.  it is going to work out well and i will be able to travel on the 30th with friends.

so i will be heading out soon and will start sharing stories, thoughts, and ideas.


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reflections. . .

looking back on 2008 i realize that there were some really great times, some hard times, challenges, tears and lots of laughter. . .

i spent a good amount of time in haiti and really enjoyed being able to be there for more significant periods of time.

i returned from haiti to join a wonderful household with two of my very good friends.  we have a little beach house in  kansas.  my roomates are a beautiful blessing in my life!

i was able to be part of a good friend and my brothers wedding in june making it a beautiful and crazy month.

hurricanes hit haiti this year with such devastation making an already difficult place even harsher.

i continue to work at an inner city hospital here in kansas city and enjoy being able to support and encourage women welcoming new lives into the world.

me and four friends visited my friend who lives in bermuda and spent a wonderful week exploring that extremely diverse island and getting a bit of beach time in.

holiday time with my family was fun!  my niece and nephew add a great dimension to life!

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New Blogsite

this new site will allow me to share photos and ideas in a more easily navigated site.  so enjoy, stay in touch and i will hopefully have stories and photos up on a regular basis!

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